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Humor: Bahasa Jawa Ternyata Lebih Ringkas

Boso Jowo iku luwih ringkes tinimbang bahasa Inggris.


1) walk slowly on the edge (side) of the road = mlipir

2) falling backward and then hit own head = nggeblak

3) falling / tripping forward (and may hit own face) = kejlungup

4) smearing one’s body with hot ointment or liquid and then massaging it = mblonyo

5) riding an old bicycle = ngonthel

6) got hit by a truck that is moving backward =kunduran truk

7) hot pyroclastic cloud rolling down a volcano = wedhus gembel

8) a small, sharp thing embedded inside one’s skin = susuben / ketelusupen

9) things getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity = mbrojol

10) get hit by thing collapsing on top of one’s head/ body = kambrukan / kebrukan

11) drinking straight from the bottle without using glass, where whole bottle tip gets into the mouth = ngokop

12) difficult to open eyes because something is shining very bright = mblereng

13) hanging on tightly to something in order to be inert = gondhelan

14) falling / tripping accidentally because of a hole = kejeglong

15) being overly active carelessly = pecicilan

16) feeling unwell because of cold temperature = katisen

17) releasing “wind” from the body thru a coin drawn across the skin’s surface = kerokan

18) finding by accident something good or useful without looking for it = ndilalah

19) expression or gesture due to a sudden appearance (of something) = mak jegagik

20) a slip of the tongue, or uncontrolled pronunciation, of a particular word = kamisosolen.


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